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Welcome to WeCare!

WeCare San Diego is a non-profit consortium of independent schools located in San Diego County.  Our mission is to serve our member communities and the general public by providing inspiring and informative parent education events that offer practical, real-world solutions to the problems parents face every day. 

Upcoming Events

Cyber Safety Consultants - March 15, 2023.png

About the Event

The evening's presentation will provide practical, technical instruction on the apps and devices children use daily. The consultants will also provide an electronic handbook for each attendee featuring the Parent-Child agreement, instructions on parental control settings, the Digital Roadmap, and a discount for a BARK parental monitoring membership.

About Cyber Safety Consulting

Cyber Safety Consulting is an expert in the field of Internet safety, having developed and delivered programming focused on online safety and digital citizenship for students, parents and educators nationwide.

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